OnlineJobs.PH is a famous platform to find potential writers and virtual assistants. However, many people are earning online, and it’s difficult to handle the workload individually. That’s why people outsource their work to some vigilant clients and get a better outcome. Hence, work may be short-term or long-term depending on the buyer’s needs.

However, it must be a challenge for the people to find good writers and vigilant workers from OnlineJobs.PH. So, you need to understand the terms and conditions to get valuable clients. Then, it’s your choice to choose the candidates, and you can check their capabilities by asking them a sample work. Thus, you can outsource your work and provide some excellent business opportunities to others too. Banner 728x90

What is OnlineJob.Ph? and how does it work for you?

OnlineJob.Ph is an online Philippines site that provides work opportunities. However, if you are running your business successfully, there must be teamwork behind your struggle. Thus, you need some vigilant virtual assistant to take care of your account and promotions. Hence, writers are also available there to facilitate you with the best.

Moreover, its sign up is free, and there is nothing much that you have to spend to get this service. So, minimum charges and the best employee combination is all about OnlineJob.PH. There are unlimited job opportunities, and you can choose any employee according to your mode of need. But remember one thing you have to pay if you want something in return from this platform.

What are the packages and prices of this platform?

Well, OnlineJob.PH is the best platform for large and small entrepreneurs. Besides its valuable services, it provides work opportunities for buyers and sellers. You will get the vigilant employees to handle your account and write something creative and exceptional for you. If we talk about its packages and plan, you will get two plans for now.

Hence, you can try its free version, and for customized settings, you have to buy anyone plan.

Free trial 

  • You can post three job proposal
  • Job approval for two days
  • You can easily communicate with workers
  • You can use bookmarks
  • Easy pay method

Pro plan

  • You can post three job proposal
  • Instant response
  • You can view the job application
  • Contact workers
  • You can view worker’s reviews
  • Use timeproof
  • Bookmark and easy pay
  • You can post 75 proposals per month
  • It’s available for $69

Premium plan

  • You can post ten job proposal
  • Instant response
  • You can view the job application
  • Contact workers
  • You can view worker’s reviews
  • Use timeproof
  • Bookmark and easy pay
  • You can post 500 proposals per month
  • It’s available for $99 Banner 728x90

If you are running your small business, we suggest you use the pro plan. Because it would be compatible with your needs and you can manage your requirements within this package. Hence, the premium plan is for large scale businesses.

What are the benefits of using

Unlike fiver and Upwork, you may find slightly different features in Onlinejob.Ph. If we talk about its benefits, you will find it’s the easiest and comprehensive online platform to hire any employee.

You can cancel your order anytime because nothing is difficult if you are not comfortable with your order. You don’t have to pay any fee, and with mutual understanding, you can cancel your order anytime. It won’t affect your account, and you can find other similar opportunities within minutes.

However, you can contact your buyer or seller outside of this platform. You can exchange your emails or phone number for making a long-term business relationship. So, it’s not easy to find a loyal and hard worker. If you find any person like this, you must develop a good relationship for long=term planning.

You can choose the candidate from the list and select the pay rate as well. If the employee is okay with your pay rate, you can proceed further. If they are not satisfied, you can watch for others to fulfil your requirements.

How to find a good writer on OnlineJob.Ph?

It’s not a one-day struggle to find a vigilant employee on You have to do a lot of homework in detailing your needs. You must know about your goals and capabilities to run a business. For example, you have a web page, and you want to increase traffic on your page. You must need two articles in a week for effective organic terrific.

Hence, articles should have SEO protocols. So, a good writer with complete SEO knowledge can help you in this regard. You must watch for a virtual assistant to make a compatible account or website if you can write yourself. Thus, you have to post a relevant job ad with a perfect title to approach the person. It’s essential to know the importance of Job title rather than waiting longer for your required output.

How to post a job?

You must have an account on an onlinejob. Ph for getting the best outcome. After signing in to your account, you will see a form with the exact position. Thus, you have to fill the form, and directly you will approach the timeline. This is the quickest method to watch for employees. If you have paid version, you will get the results sooner.

Furthermore, you will receive hundreds of applications after posting your job title. You have to select one, so you will choose more than one employee to meet your demands. If you find them compatible, you can hire one and hold others for your other website. It isn’t easy to find a dedicated worker, and this forum has potential writers and workers to help you efficiently.

Do the reviews and filtering process is important?

If you are using Upwork and Fiverr, you must know that reviews are essential to work on these sites. Someone having 5 stars will consider better than having one or two stars. In this case, you don’t need to get reviews. Only trust and dedication are two factors to get work. Thus, it would be best if you had consistency and hard work to empower your skills.

The filtering process is important to determine the list of potential writers and workers if you have 50 applicants for one job title. You can’t hire all of them, so you have to choose the best one that could match your search criteria. All employees are good with different capabilities. Thus, it’s better to choose one with the specified job title.

What is the significance of this platform?

It’s not an easy task to hire Philippine’s writer with comprehensive skills. First, it would help if you researched a lot to find the right person for the specified job title. Then, the competent writer or employee will be vigilant enough to detail your needs. Then, all you have to do is the best description of the job post and get the paid version to get visibility on this platform.

Moreover, you can’t handle all your work alone, and you need a person who could help you develop your business. One or more employees will solve your problems and get what you expect within minimum time. Everybody has specified skills, and it’s incredible to utilize the skills by spending few amounts of money.

However, you can make outside contact with the employee after hiring them on this site. It will help you decide the pay rate and the quality of work you expect from them. Thus, a competent employee will always stay positive and will satisfy you.

Does the ID of the employee is essential to choose for a job?

When hiring an employee, you will watch the profile of the applicants and ID proof is the main thing that could help you get the right candidate. There is a salary package, Id Proof, and type of work mentioned on the top of each profile. You can assess many things before contacting the writer. So, get the benefits from this site and fire a competent person to detail your needs.

Many employees have confliction about salary package. Therefore, you must be aware of the standard salary package to offer the rates. Usually, people charge $30 per word, and it’s the standard PPW rate to hire any person. If you want any writer with native English, I would suggest watching for other sites because the Philippines are not competent enough in the native English language, and you may suffer later.

When looking for a virtual assistant, you can rely on this service, and many applications will reveal that people are waiting for work. So, this site is helping people to get reliable online earning resources, and remote jobs are more facilitative than office jobs for homemakers. Banner 728x90

Final thoughts

It’s apparent from the name OnlineJob.Ph is the best platform for writers and virtual assistants to get valuable job offers. You have to create your job title with sufficient information so that employees can apply with relevant skills. It’s a matter of luck that you find a competent person, and it’s all about the job title that could define your needs.